Pump me up to the music

Soca band Krosfyah celebrates 28 years

Iconic soca band Krosfyah celebrated 28 years of music on Dec.31.

The group’s songs such as “Pump Me Up,” “Wet Me” and “Sak Pase” (just to name a few) helped define soca as fans know it.

On Friday morning, Soca Snypa reminded me exactly how many hits the band has had. He played over two hours of the group’s music on Facebook live.

Not one of the songs were a flop.

It gave me a nostalgic feeling, but I must admit that it also made me feel old.

I learned to gyrate my hips, also known as wining or “wuking up,” and other dance moves from Krosfyah’s music in primary school.

I performed a dance on stage with a group of other students to the song, “Crank It.” Even though it has been almost 20 years since I did that dance, I still remember the moves every time the song plays.


When Snypa played tribute to the band, I danced, sang along, but at times I watched in silence with all of my gums showing.

I grinned as I reminisced about the first time I saw Krosfyah performed in Miami.

I was 14-years-old.  I felt star-struck as a teenaged Bajan girl. The group was my equivalent to an American boy band.

When I was back home in Barbados, I would’ve never gotten the opportunity to see them performed because I lived a sheltered life. So the group also signifies a sense of freedom for me.

As the deejay played Sak Pase, I remembered the first time I saw the members of the group gliding left and right across the stage in unison doing a dance they made for the song.

Hearing Sak Pase also reminded me of a time when I was visiting Barbados, and a man announced his impression of the song for the entire street to hear.

“I can’t believe Krosfyah mek a song that says suck p****!”

My ears have never saw listened to the song the same since then.

But my ears enjoyed every minute of the music that “Edwin and dem” have made.

Thank you, Krosfyah for your contribution to the genre of music that I love so much.

Kudos to Snypa for highlighting the greatness of the group on the biggest platform in the world.

Edwin Yearwood, the band’s leader, was also appreciative of the tribute.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 9.17.14 PM

Check out Soca Snypa’s tribute here.

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