Meet the female pastry chef, Myriam ‘Mimi’ Charles

She bakes her way onto ‘Cake Hunters


Mimi Charles - Cake Hunters
Mimi Charles and assistant Nayibe Renald color strips of wafer paper that will be used to create an effect that resembles astroturf, as seen on Cooking Channel’s Cake Hunters, Season 2.

Cakes are the centerpiece of American celebrations.

Whether it be a birthday, graduation, wedding, retirement or baby shower, the sweet treat is the icing for any joyous occasion.

Miami native, Myriam “Chef Mimi” Charles has proven that she is an expert on cakes after she appeared on the Miami episode of the Cooking Channel’s “Cake Hunters.”


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But Charles, a self-taught baker, never thought when she left South Florida for a “change of scenery” over 10 years ago that she would come back to find success in the kitchen.



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