From real life to reality TV

Cast-member of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ has a story to tell


Christopher Harty’s silhouette has appeared in millions of households as he is the mysterious model behind the promotional teaser for the Miami installment of the mega-popular reality series, “Love & Hip Hop.”

However, his life has not always been as glamorous as it appears on the TV screen.

Harty, who goes by the name Prince Michael, is a promoter for the hottest venues on South Beach where he has created a network for himself of celebrities, athletes and socialites. And he likely will get tons of love from the 2 to 3 million viewers who watch the series every week on VH1.




The shows document the lives and relationships of entertainers, managers and record producers. The Miami franchise is slated to explore the hip-hop, Latin and reggaeton music scene and will also feature rappers Trina, Trick Daddy and Gunplay.

“Love & Hip Hop” also has a reputation for showcasing catfights and glamorizing infidelity.

Nonetheless, Harty said his focus is to be a role model for others.



READ THE FULL STORY in the Miami Times.

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