Soca Snypa, a soca junkie’s best fix

One of the things that I LIVE for is soca music. It is honestly one of my biggest addictions in life, right next to chocolate.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across a deejay who could not only play endless soca tunes for hours on Facebook Live, but he could match his energy with every song he played.

The way the deejay, Soca Snypa, my new dealer, packaged my drug of choice for me, I don’t think I will be recovering from my habit any time soon.

Snypa gets your adrenaline going right before every tune by teasing you with what is coming up next.

“Tell me you remember this one here,” said Snypa, as he plays a track from 1992, featuring an artist that I failed to remember.

But I can remember where I was when I first heard the song, so that’s how I was able to recall the year. I was a hard-ears little girl with two ribbons in her hair, who loved to dance to soca and calypso behind her religious grandmother’s back.

For those who are not familiar with soca, it’s like a faster version of reggae or dancehall. It derives from calypso, and it is also an offspring of the African genre of music, cadence.

I LOVE soca. I listen to it every day, but especially when I want to get into a good mood or get motivated.

That’s what happened the morning that I found Snypa on Facebook.

Soca Snypa

It was 47 degrees outside. It was not the coldest, but it was not comfortable at all for me, a West Indian woman, who has spent the last 19 years in sunny Florida and the beginning of her life in the Caribbean.

It was about 6:30 a.m., shortly pass the time that I was supposed to get up and get my children ready for school. But I was stalling because I did not want to feel the full wrath of the cold weather.

Instead of getting right up, I did what I usually do as soon as I wake up in the morning–go on social media. That’s when I saw the notification for the live video.

I just accepted Snypa’s Facebook request one or two days before. It was a decision that made my days less stressful and reiterated my love for soca music.

Snypa stood behind a microphone drenched in sweat. He was moving his waist in unison to the beat of each song and shouting out all the viewers by name.

He even asked me how to pronounce my difficult African name, and every time I watched the videos after, he remembered.

The music selector gives me the burst of energy and positivity that I need in the morning, and his energy never dies down.

That’s what soca music is about–energy, positive vibes and freedom to be happy no matter what.

That’s what Snypa produces every time.


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