Florida Latin Music Group Aims to Inspire

El Grupo H (the H Group) is very distinctive from most Latin music groups in the market today. With an extensive musical background, the group writes, composes, produces and distributes its own music.

Consisting of a family of five, El Grupo H’s musical roots go back twenty years, when Harol Rivas, the band’s music producer, starting teaching music at Universidad del Valle in Colombia. There he met his wife, Helena, the group’s manager.

El Grupo and I at their studio in Hialeah, Florida. From left to right; Harol, Hellen, Helena Rivas, Nyamekye  Daniel(middle), Heily and Harold Rivas

Also known as the Rivas Family Group, El Grupo H also includes the couple’s three children, Hellen, Harold and Heily Rivas, who all are performers and take part in the production process.

When describing the band, Helena Rivas stated she and her husband started the band not only to create music, but to promote a positive image of family unification. The youngest of the Rivas children, 12-year-old Heily plays the bass, and her 14-year-old brother plays the drum in the group, and both children are proficient in several other instruments.

The Latin group’s lead singer is the couple’s oldest daughter, Hellen, who started performing when she was just 2 years old. Now 20 years old, she still plays an active role in the family business despite her new career in broadcast journalism. The Rivas family also owns and runs a music school, and video and music production studio in Hialeah, Florida, where they have recorded all seven of their albums.

El Grupo H’s newest single “Sigue Tu Camino” which translates to “Follow Your Way,” is an upbeat salsa song with an inspirational message. The song was written collaboratively by the father and two eldest children. Helen Rivas spoke about the uplifting song during an interview.

“The lyrics of the song say no matter what happens keep going, trap in the positive energy because it’s what keeps you going,” the singer and proud songwriter said. She explained the goal was deviate from the standard sad or lovesick salsa songs and create a motivational song.


The Rivas Family state their goal is to nourish the spirit of its audience through music. The group’s other albums cover a variety of music genres which include educational children’s music and gospel.

Harmonious with their positive image, the family also has a non-profit organization, Pink H Foundation. Most of the proceeds from album sales are used to fund humanitarian missions which benefit poverty stricken areas of their native Colombia.

“Sigue Tu Camino” is available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.

Helen Rivas and her two youngest children donating toys to less fortunate children in Colombia. Photo courtesy: Pink H. Foundation


Music Students.JPG
Rivas’ Music School students performing at Pink H. Foundation’s “Multicultural Musical United Families.” The organization is establishing a program in South Florida that will subsidize performing arts lessons for young talent. Photo courtesy: Pink H. Foundation


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